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this page is for times when i want to let out my opinion without judgement. so it will be uncensored, and it will (possibly) be a hotbed of my political and personal beliefs. so if you don't want to read that, go somewhere else. in a way, think of this like a op-ed page of a news website, but not a news website and less professional.



august 5 11:43pm

as a male, i really don't see why any other man should have a part in decision on if a woman should have a abortion. considering it is not our bodies and we wouldn't have to go through that (painful) process.

there are actual people (even some who hold positions in public office) who believe no matter the circumstance. that a woman (regardless of consent and agreement) should go through with having a child. it's crazy how some people would literally force someone to have a child even if they were raped. and even if they were a CHILD.

and their so many risks (both physical and mentally) with child birth. let's not forget any possible physical and mental trauma that they might have, but they can also DIE. they would have to be forced to die for SOMETHING THEY DON'T WANT.

and don't use your religion as justification, it's invalid.

note: if it isn't your body, it's not your choice.