about section.

If you see this then it means you stumbled on my website by accident or purposely.

why you would want to come here is beyond me.

but either way, this is my about page. A place to learn more about me and this website.

this website's primary function is to act as a journal. i thought about using maybe tumblr or another microblogging site but to be honest those sites have very limited customization. with something like neocities, i could really make this thing into my own.

but other than acting as a journal, this site will host some other stuff as well. my music choices, maybe a vent/rant page, or really anything.

but now that you know the main objective of this site, you might be asking yourself (or not) who am i?

but no personal details about me will not be shown, the only thing i'll say is that im a high schooler, male(cis), american(floridian, i know it's pretty horrible) and another cranky, cynical and liberal teen who is lazy and wants SOCIALISM!!!!(or healthcare for all).

you can refer to me as dazai.

it's not my real name but it's from my favorite author, osamu dazai.

and that is about it. now go off and run somewhere, or stay, it doesn't matter, it's your bandwidth.